Live on Phoenix FM!

A guest on Phoenix FM!

A few days ago I had the privilege and pleasure of joining Patrick Sherring on his Phoenix FM show, Friday Night Extra.

(You can find a recording of the show here, along with a brief summary of our chat, plus a playlist.)

Patrick had come across my poem As a Child in a blog post, and on the strength of this kindly invited me to come and chat about my book and what it means to be childlike.

Patrick also gave me the opportunity to select 3 tracks for the show, and to explain why I had chosen them – the nearest I’ll ever get to Desert Island Discs!

I have to admit to being just a tad nervous about appearing on live radio, but Patrick put me at my ease, and I felt quite relaxed whilst on air…

… It was only on my drive home that I began thinking, “What did I say?! Why did I say that?! Why didn’t I say this?! Aaagh!”

(I  wish, for example, that I’d said something about playfulness, and how play helps to foster a childlike approach to life and to faith and to God.)

Those who’ve heard the programme assure me that I have nothing to worry about – but I still can’t bring myself to listen back to the show (just yet, anyway)!

Nonetheless, I’d be very pleased if you could take some time out to listen. You can do so using the Mixcloud player below or,  better still, by following this link to the show page (complete with summary and playlist).

I hope you enjoy the my chat with Patrick and my music choices. Please do share with others and let me know what you think. Thank you!

Phoenix FM is a community radio station for Brentwood, Billericay and the surrounding areas (broadcasting on 98FM) and is also available worldwide via the Internet.


Quiet Spaces

Extract from "As a Child" in "Quiet Spaces"I am honoured and excited that BRF have chosen to include an extract from As a Child in the new-look Quiet Spaces (May – August 2013 edition available now).

Published three times a year, each issue of Quiet Spaces provides four months’ worth of inspiration for your quiet times. presented in fortnightly sections. This material can be used in daily portions throughout the week or all in one sitting as a Quiet Day, perhaps at the weekend. Within each section there are twelve elements comprising reflections inspired by different traditions, creative activities, liturgy, Bible reading and ideas for meditation.

For more information see the Quiet Spaces website and the BRF Online shop.



I’ve added my poem “As a Child” and the Preface to the book for you to preview here. The poem, written in January 2000 was, in a way, the beginning of the book, whilst the Preface outlines how I came to write the book and what I’m trying to say through it. I hope you enjoy them. Please do let me know what you think.



On Sunday 6th May I was interviewed about As a Child during the service at The Church of the Good Shepherd, Collier Row. You can listen to the interview here.

Being interviewed and speaking about the book was the easy part. After the service came book signing and taking people’s money, which I must say made me feel rather awkward and self-conscious!



As a Child is now published and available from (I hope to have it available from Amazon and other stores, but this will likely take a few weeks.)

It is a book for anyone who wants to grow in their faith. For anyone who wants to enter into all that God has for them. For anyone who wants to live the life God wants them to live. For anyone who wants to be the person God wants them to be. For anyone who is willing to respond to Jesus’ call, and become like a little child.



As a Child - front coverWelcome to the website for my forthcoming book, As a Child: God’s Call to Littleness.

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children …” Yet how many of us truly believe that we need to become like little children? And how many of us have begun to take on board the implications of these words for our life and faith?

As a Child explores this call to childlikeness, this call to littleness – a call that I believe is fundamental to us entering into all that God has for us, of living the life that he wants us to live and becoming the people that he wants us to be.

The planned publication date for the book is 18 April 2012. Initially it will be available through, but should be available through other channels at a later date.

In the meantime, please do join me here, on Facebook and on Twitter.