Becoming Better Grownups

Becoming Better Grownups (book) by Brad Montague
Becoming Better Grownups by Brad Montague

I love this book – and would love everyone to read it.

Its message – about becoming better grownups by being more childlike – is so necessary, so important – yet is communicated with such a lightness of touch.

The book is beautifully produced – like a children’s book (and I mean that as a compliment) – with board covers, and thick pages, and clear type, and colourful illustrations. It’s the perfect format – allowing the message of childlikeness to live within the pages, rather than being drowned beneath a mass of words.

Yet there are words enough to challenge, encourage, inspire and change us. I noted down many (sixty!) short quotations – here are just a couple, from near the start and end of the book:

We become more fully alive when we listen to the child within us.

Brad Montague, Becoming Better Grownups

[Children’s] unassuming honestly, open generosity, and playful curiosity brought me back to the child I once was and the grouwnup I so desperately wanted to become.

Brad Montague, Becoming Better Grownups

There is so much more to this book than I can communicate here – so the best thing I can say now is get hold of a copy and read it yourself!

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon UK (though, of course, other retailers are available!)

I do appreciate that the book is rather expensive – but if you take a look at some of the other reviews, I think you’ll see it’s well worth it. (If you can’t buy it yourself, perhaps ask for it as a present?)

I should say that I have absolutely no link with the author, Brad Montague, or interest in the book – other than it speaks so eloquently on a subject that is very close to my heart.


A Childlike Heart

I’ve just finished reading A Childlike Heart by Alan D Wright. I have to say I’m rather pleased that I didn’t read it earlier, as if I had I might never have written my book!

When Jesus speaks of the need for us to become like little children there is, I think, a tendency for us to understand his words as simply an illustration, a metaphor of the need to have a childlike faith and a childlike trust in God.

But to limit their meaning in this way is, I believe, to diminish the all-embracing, life-changing scope of what Jesus is actually asking of us. For the call to be childlike is one that has significance for each and every aspect of our daily lives.

In A Childlike Heart Alan Wright explores the all-embracing nature of this call to childlikeness: Humility, Neediness, Simplicity, Failure, Identity, Trust, Carefreeness, Wonder, Astonishment, Transparency, Candor, Imagination, Forgiveness, Compassion, Celebration, Praise, Priorities (Time & Money), Work, Obedience, Sabbath, and Homesickness.

With a lightness of touch he illustrates the childlike characteristics of key Biblical teachings with tales of little children and opens out just what it means to live as a child of God.

If you have a desire to become more childlike (or even if, as yet, you don’t) I would strongly encourage you to get hold of a copy of A Childlike Heart (you can find suppliers and compare prices with BookButler).

And for all that A Childlike Heart has to offer, I also believe that As a Child has much to add, so please do consider getting hold of a copy of this too. Many thanks.


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