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dot-to-dot – As a Child: God's Call to Littleness

Dot-to-Dot (revisited)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have bought myself a dot-to-dot book (read the post to find out why!) At the start of the book there is the following advice: When connecting dots that seem a vast distance apart, try this helpful hint. 1. Put your writing implement on the starting dot. 2.… Continue reading Dot-to-Dot (revisited)


I’ve bought myself a dot-to-dot book. Yes, a dot-to-dot book, just like the ones that many of us enjoyed when we were children. Join up the dots, and a picture appears. Now these puzzles are, it must be said, a little more complex than any I completed as a child. One has over 1,300 dots!… Continue reading Dot-to-Dot